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My husband Paul and I want to share our personal love and deep satisfaction in raising Himalayans of good quality at affordable pricing. We gain a lot of enjoyment from nurturing our fur babies.

We have 3 grown children and at present 14 grandchildren. We love to watch the expressions on the grands faces as they play with our latest litter of kittens. You will often see pictures of the grands playing with the new kitties.

We only allow our Queens to breed twice a year. I will not over breed our girls because it is extremely important to their personal health.

Our goal is to match your desire for a new addition to your family. I reserve the right not to sell a kitten if I feel it would be detrimental to the kitten or its health.

I know within approximately 5 to 7 days when the queen is due. I have her birthing basket ready and waiting. 9 out of 10 times she will have her kittens at night. I sit on the floor with her while she is in her basket. I am there with her when the first kitten is born till she delivers the last one.

I rejoice over each little blessing and cry if one does not make it. I handle each one daily. I love and care for each and every one. When they are around 10 days old and their eyes open I remove them from their birthing basket. I transfer them to my garden tub that is lined with beach towels. They will stay in the tub till around 5 weeks of age.

We then transfer the litter to the toddler room. It is my third bedroom that is ready to be played in. I have a baby gate in the doorway that allows Mom and Dad to go in and out. My husband and I always make a game out of who will be the first kitten over the baby gate!! When they climb over the gate it comes down and they are into everything! Let the games begin!

Around 10 weeks of age they have received their baby shots and are ready to go to their new families!