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We got our cat from Dunn Kittens and she is the cutest, smartest, and sweetest kitten and cat! She is patient and smart! You can tell she was raised around young children because she is so friendly and good with kids. She is so beautiful and funny! You can tell the breeders spend time socializing and loving their cats and taking care of them! :) Submitted by Patti C. from Connecticut. Cherry was from Alexis and King Boo Boo (now retired) March 2018 litter.


I purchased breeding rights for Izzie from Mrs Diannia! It was a smooth transaction and she was so patient with me! Izzie is my extreme flat faced queen that is so very laid back, loves to snuggle, loves to cuddle, and could care less about grooming her. She’s so calm and laid back and very much loved by my family and myself. Mrs. Diannia must have really put in extra work making her perfect! She has stunning babies and I just love her to pieces! I would recommend Mrs. Diannia 10,000% and more to those looking for a perfect family member!  Lafayette, Louisiana January 2019. Izzie is a Blue Cream Himalayan, I have included a beautiful picture of her stunning kitten from her first litter! Used with permission from Cathy Schlabach Co-owner of Sisters Persian And Ragdoll Cuties , Lafayette Louisiana. Submitted January 2019.


Anna Rose is absolutely perfect! She has the most wonderful temperament and personality! She loves everyone she meets! Anna Rose is a silly, playful girl who always keeps us laughing. I could not be more pleased with her. She is perfect in every way and we are so thankful to call her our own. Thank you, Diannia, for the most precious, beautiful, healthy baby girl! She is truly a blessing to our family.

Submitted by R. Tays Rogersville, Alabama. Mrs. Tays purchased Marsha a Chocolate Long Hair Exotic kitten from Koko's and King BooBoo (now retired) May 2018 litter.


Wookiee Testimony
Here's what Wookiee (formerly known as Onyx) looks like these days! He's turned into a Black Smoke! We love him-he gives the best nose boops and snuggles, and he's very patient with our older Persian Merlin. Submitted by Carey R. with 3.Point Cinematic Film. Wookiee is a kitten from Alexis and King BooBoo (now Retired) March of 2018 litter.


This past May we got a beautiful blue-cream point Himalayan kitten from Diannia Dunn. What can I say, she has brought so much joy in our life. We call her Willow. She is laid back and easy going. She and our puppy get along like best friends. My husband is not a cat lover, so he thought.....Willow has wrap him around her little paw ! She follows him around the house, she sits on his chest at night while we watch TV. He is now a cat lover! Willow has learned to start the robot vacuum by stepping on the button. First time was an accident, now it’s anytime she wants to. I guess you could say she is cleaning up after herself !  We also bought Willow’s sister for my grandkids. We get the sisters together often. And when we go home, the sisters are very sad and lonesome. But they are so happy when they get back together. They see each other around twice a month. Thanks Diannia for being there to answer my questions and being so patience with me. I know I was overly excited while I was waiting for her to be big enough to take home. Thanks for all the pictures and videos you sent to me. It was greatly appreciated...... Submitted by Lisa Ohmer, purchased a Seal Point Kitten (Willow) sister (Pixie Dust) from Juliet and King BooBoo's March 2018 Litter.


Love my Miss Priss from Nonna’s Little Darlings! Submitted by D. B. Pine Prairie, La. Miss Priss is a Blue-Cream Himalayan from Juliet and King BooBoo (now Retired). Miss Priss is pictured with her beautiful kittens! Used with permission by Dana Vestal Blood.

We got Buttercup from Dunn Kittens in April 2017 and she has quickly become the little princess in our home. She is sweet - loves on everyone that comes in, feisty- plays with everyone and EVERYTHING! I can't imagine not having our Buttercup! We also have Scotty from the Dunn's, he is also sweet, loving and they are the best of friends. Thank You all for our babies! Keith, Stacy and Kallie Pierce 09/06/2017

"I am very happy and satisfied with my kitten and Dunn kittens is very reliable and trust worthy, I am beyond happy and satisfied he looks even better in person and I will definitely be referring family and friends to you because you are so honest" -Sam from Detroit