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I'm A Handsome Man was born in our home in April of 2017. The proud parents are King BooBoo (now retired), our Chocolate Point Himalayan and his mother is Miss Alexis, our Brown Tabby Mackerel Long Hair Exotic.

Handsome is a beautiful Chocolate Lynx Point Long Hair Exotic. His long base coat is Ivory with his Points:ears, paws and his tail being tipped with Milk Chocolate. His eyes are vivid Blue! We had UC Davis Genetic Laboratory in CA perform a Coat Color Test Profile to help with his Color Classification. He is a Dilute Carrier for Lilac.

Handsome is super sweet and is one of the most lovable cats we have ever had! Handsome is super lovable and shares his love at every opportunity. He loves to be cuddled and thoroughly enjoys being pampered!