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Congratulations on the decision to purchase a new Himalayan or Persian kitten! We are sure you will enjoy the newest member of your family. Our kittens are getting used to being around other cats in our home and have been introduced to our young grandchildren. I feel this is an important step that is healthy for nurturing the relationship between your new kittens and his/hers humans.

All kittens are fed Iams grain-free pate™. Then are introduced to Taste of the Wild grain-free™ food.

Now let me give you a few tips regarding your brand new kitten.

  1. Do not let anyone hold your kitten without washing their hands as they could unknowingly pass on a bacterial infection to your kitten.

  2. Persian/ Himalayans have a tendency to be somewhat nervous, but handled properly while they are young, these tendencies can be overcome.

  3. Your kitten has been trained to use the litter box. Please keep a litter box easily accessible to your kitten at all times.


DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS ARE-NON REFUNDABLE! All DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS are held and retained for Liquidated Damages if the buyer changes their mind. Once a deposit/payment is placed on a kitten I no longer spend time on advertising the requested kitten and I consider that kitten SOLD. I no longer offer the kitten to any other potential adopter.

I will however allow a deposit to be transferred to another kitten if mind is changed within the same litter if one is still available. Seller assumes no responsibility or liability of the feline once it has left the premises of Dunn Kittens Cattery and is in possession by the Buyer or Buyer's agent, other than as covered in this agreement.


This Guarantee applies only for Six months from the date of birth of kitten to make this contract valid, the Buyer understands and agrees to THREE BUSINESS DAYS from the date of sale to take your new kitten/cat, to a Licensed Veterinarian, that does not include a Pet Store Veterinarian, at your personal expense for a full checkup. If you fail to have the cat/kitten inspected by a certified Veterinarian within 3 working days from the date of pick up/purchase of the feline VOIDS ANY AND ALL HEALTH GUARANTEES.

The purchaser accepts full responsibility for this feline and agrees to properly care for its welfare. It is also understood that this is a live animal and is not to be considered to be a perfect creature by any definition. If said cat/kitten is found to be medically deficient, with an UNTREATABLE or LIFE THREATENING problem, such problem must be reported to SELLER/BREEDER IMMEDIATELY WITHIN 48 HOURS of receiving written notice from your certified veterinarian. If said veterinarian certifies that the kitten/cat is medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening condition, then your kitten/cat MUST BE RETURNED TO DUNN KITTENS IMMEDIATELY, with written documentation from your licensed veterinarian. The kitten will be replaced with another feline of EQUAL VALUE. If your kitten is returned and no replacement is available at the time of return, DUNN KITTENS will have 9 months to furnish a replacement, if the replacement is offered and DECLINED by the buyer then BUYER FORFEITS any future replacements, and any and all payments WILL BE NON-REFUNDABLE.

** Once a DEPOSIT/PAYMENT is placed on a kitten/cat and the animal still RESIDES IN OUR HOME and an unfortunate accident or death occurs your deposit/payments will be TRANSFERRED over to another kitten of your choice IF ONE IS AVAILABLE. If no kittens are available then your deposit/payments will be HELD until another kitten becomes available.


1. If kitten should die from a genetic defect commonly known as a Birth Defect, within 6 months from the date of birth of kitten/cat. Dunn Kittens will replace with a kitten that Dunn Kittens deems to be of equal value and quality as soon as one becomes available, but only with a proper veterinarian written report. A written detailed necropsy report from a licensed vet as proof of death from a defect will be required to be provided by the Purchaser to Dunn Kittens, at the Purchaser's cost. The seller is not responsible for any costs incurred in maintaining the health of the kitten. This is including all minor problems that could occur from the stress of the trip.

2. Under NO circumstances will this kitten/cat will be allowed to roam outdoors.

3. Dunn Kittens does not guarantee against treatable nuisances such as upper respiratory infection,viruses, fungus, mites, or fleas, which are not life threatening. A minor upper respiratory infection or fungus can occur as a result of the stress of being relocated into a new home. If the new owner of a Dunn Kittens cat/kitten uses a Pet Store Veterinarian this VOIDS Dunn Kittens Health Guarantee!

4. Under NO circumstances will this kitten/cat or its descendants be sold to or given to any pet shop/store, laboratory, or similar facility.


6. Unless purchased with FULL BREEDING RIGHTS, buyer agrees to neuter/spay the kitten between 6 months of age, kitten is never to be bred, unless purchased with FULL BREEDING RIGHTS/ONLY to be used within your own cattery solely.

7. If for any reason the purchaser cannot keep the kitten/cat for any reason, the cat/kitten must be returned to the seller. Dunn Kittens Permission for transfer of ownership must be obtained in WRITING FROM DUNN KITTENS. If the kitten is ever returned back or surrendered back to the seller for any reason, once returned to Dunn Kittens, no refunds will be given to purchaser.

8. Dunn Kittens is not responsible for any shipping fees incurred for returned kittens should a replacement be given.

9. Purchaser assumes full responsibility for this cat/kitten upon leaving Dunn Kittens premises. If a Courier is used Dunn Kittens is released from all reliability once the kitten/cat leaves our premises. Dunn Kittens is not responsible for any vet costs or expenses incurred by purchaser.

10. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A CASH REFUND BE GIVEN AT ANY POINT. We are a small HOBBY CATTERY and we breed for the love of the breed. There is no guarantee given on future health, show achievements, or show ability of a kitten. If you purchase Breeding Rights from Dunn Kittens has no control whether or not the animal produces offspring. The kitten will have received a Wellness Exam from our Veterinarian that guarantees the kitten is up to the CFA Breed Standards and is Healthy when leaving Dunn Kittens.

This contract with Dunn Kittens is legally binding once a deposit has been placed for a cat/kitten. Buyer agrees to all terms of this contract once a deposit is placed with no exceptions. A signed copy can be given only upon request. This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. It only applies to the buyer and Dunn Kittens in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties.

I have read and agree to the above Dunn Kittens Guarantee and to the Terms and Conditions

Dunn Kittens reserves the Right not to accept an Application or Sale one of our Cats or Kittens. It is our decision and right to place our babies in the best possible homes. If you would like to apply for one of our kittens. Please complete our Kitten Application.