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Kailyn, is a fine, spunky, one of a kind cat! She can be quite independent, but the next minute the biggest love bug you could ask for. Kailyn is a Shaded Tortie-White Exotic long hair. She has the most interesting coat! She has long, flowing hair that is silver and black, but with white as the undercoat. Then on her right hip she has a peach colored area that she inherited from her grandmother Lunesta. She also has peach on the tops of her ears! She also has inherited the Chocolate gene. Truly a unique girl! She has gorgeous, big copper eyes that are outlined with black. She has turned out to be an amazing Momma, very attentive to her beautiful Chocolate kittens! She comes from my very good friend Leah Anne Lowrey of Southern Persians. Kailyn's very special smoke gene is going to be a wonderful addition to our cattery. Thank you Leah for your precious girl!