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We are pleased to share with you the kittens we have available! Please see the pictures below for each kitten's description including their color, gender and price.
If interested please contact me or if you want to place a deposit please visit my Terms and Conditions page then place your deposit to secure your Fur Baby!



Is your Dream kitten Persian a beautiful Red and White, or Blue and White, or Cream and White? How about a stunning Calico, Dilute Calico, or Red, or Tortie or a Blue-Cream? Do you dream of a Chocolate or a rare Lilac? Dunn Kittens has wonderful colors to choose from! So please CONTACT US to be placed on our waiting list for your Desired Dream kitten!


Is your Dream Exotic kitten a wonderful Chocolate or a stunning Lilac? Is a Blue and White, Red and White Bicolor, or a Chocolate Point or even a breathtaking Lilac Point your desired color of a kitten? Dunn Kittens can make your Dream Kitten a reality! So please CONTACT US to be placed on our Waiting List for your Desired Dream Kitten!