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Czar Jasper Mishka Dunn
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Czar Jasper Mishka Dunn is a Proven Breeder or Stud that was born in June of 2018. Jasper is super lovable and extremely friendly! He is a large male and weighs about 11 pounds. He has extremely thick and plush fur. His coat is Cream colored with Tabby markings. He is Non-Agouti or Non Tabby, or considered a Ghost Tabby.

He has successfully sired 3 litters wtih 13 viable kittens! He had both Long and Short hair kittens in all 3 litters. Please see the last 4 pictures below for an example of his kittens he sired! I will not be selling him as a breeder, however. He will be neutered and sold as a beautiful, gorgeous loving Adult male. He will come with his CFA Registration Papers and current shot records. His price is $500. SOLD