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Alexis is a Silver Shaded Mackerel Exotic with gold colored eyes. "Silver shaded " describes her beautiful multi-colored grey fur. "Mackerel" is the pattern of her fur. With Alexis being an Exotic she is capable of producing Long haired and Short haired kittens in the same litter.

Alexis was born in March of 2016. She is the newest member of our family. She will be part of our breeding program in the fall of 2017.

Alexis is very outgoing and extremely curious! She is into everything. Bring something new into the house and she is all over it.

When Juliet had her kittens in August of 2016, Alexis was the first cat to come say hello to the new arrivals. When the kittens were 3 weeks old she joined Juliet in her nursery and immediately started licking and cleaning the kittens. I have nicknamed her "The Nanny"!

She is showing great promise of being an outstanding mother.