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Pebbles is a beautiful and affectionate Calico Persian who was born in Oct of 2018. She has an Extreme nose and lovely Copper eyes! Her beautiful fur is Red, Black and White. She is a gorgeous girl.

Pebbles was born at the Marja Cattery to breeder Shelly Stoltz, Pebbles's has a fantastic Pedigree, both of her parents have phenominal CFA Show histories and have won many top awards such as Champion, Grand Champion, Distinguished Merit, National Winner, Premier and Grand Premier! Shelly has given us permission to share Pebbles' Pedigree.

Dunn Kittens looks forward to the beautiful kittens she will produce! Since she is a Calico the wide range of colors she can produce is staggering! Her genes compiled with the sire's will determine the color of course. We can expect solid colored kittens, Torties, Bi Colors or Chocolate and White or Blue and White ect. She can also produce Calico and solid with tabby markings! What fun!