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Princess Di is considered a Flame Point Persian with gold colored eyes. Her coat is Arctic White with a slight shading of Red on her cheeks. She is extremely flat faced. Her fur is extremely long and soft. Her tail hair is 6 inches long! She is currently 3 years of age. Princess Di is CFA Registered.

She is super lovable and affectionate. She loves for my husband Paul to pick her up and drape her over his shoulder like you would a child! The whole time she is hugging him and purring. Considering she is 50 days pregnant she is very docile and lovable. She sleeps with us every night. I find her long white hair on my burgundy bedspread every morning. She is an awesome cat and a cherished member of our family.

Princess produces a wide range of colors in her litters. I think of her white fur as a blank canvas add the Dads colors and the possibilities are endless. In her upcoming litter I can expect to see the following colors: Red Cream, Tortie, Blue-Cream, Chocolate Tortie and possibly Lilac Cream.