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Retired Sires

King Boo Boo

King Boo Boo was a very sweet Chocolate Point Exotic Long Hair male that produced some very beautiful kittens in our Cattery! He even Sired our I'm A Handsome Man. Boo Boo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2018, we had placed him in another home but unfortunately when he came back home to us he had contracted an illness that was life threatening. Thank you dear Boo Boo for the many beautiful kittens you graced us with!

Czar Jasper Mishka Dunn

Czar Jasper Mishka Dunn is a very sweet and loving, large Cream Short Hair Exotic. Jasper was simply too large for our petite Queens. When Mr. John came to purchase one of Jasper's Seal Point kittens he told me, "If you ever decide to sell him please let me know!" Well, when we decided to have him neutered I contacted Mr. John and inquired if he was still interested in ole Jasper. YES, was the immediate answer! Jasper is now living with his son and new family in Magnolia, Arkansas. We wish you many happy and beautiful years of love!

Retired Dams

Princess Di

Princess Di has been a super Queen in our Cattery! We made the decision to have her spayed on October 3, 2019. We had many a discussion on the pros and cons, but since she was close to nearing 7 years of age we decided she had earned her retirement! She will continue to be the beautiful bed adornament she has always been! Now she can love on the kittens in the nursery to her heart's content! Thank you Princess Di for such beautiful and amazing kittens!